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ROL processes PET (polyethylene terephthalate) by extruding foils which are then wound into reels, with an external diameter ranging from 200 mm to 1200 mm, thickness ranging from 200 μ to...
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PS (polystyrene) is extruded in foils and then wound into reels with an external diameter ranging from 200 to 800 mm that are ready to be used by thermoforming machines. Its thickness ranges from...
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A perfect combination of technological developments in the processing of materials and environmental sustainability, the Pangea line includes new solutions developed with environmentally friendly...
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We manufacture plastic materials

Based in Forlì, Italy, ROL is a company specialising in the production and processing of plastic laminates for packaging.

It caters to the needs of companies involved in the processing of plastic and moulding materials either as their core or as their secondary business, by providing PET, PS, PLA, as well as compostable sheet materials.

Why choose ROL?

ROL has been operating in the plastic production industry since 1984. Over the years, it has done business with companies all over Italy and abroad. So why choose us? Here are 4 good reasons why ROL is your go-to partner.

  1. Quick turnaround
    We are able to fulfil our customers’ requests in a short time thanks to a constant supply of raw materials from our supplier network and thanks to our know-how. Our expertise and efficient manufacturing process enable us to meet increasingly demanding customer needs.
  2. On-site technical support
    We employ highly skilled technical staff who are ready to help whenever customers require support with testing or installing material. When we receive a technical support request, our staff are timely deployed directly to the customer’s site.
  3. Suitable for all businesses
    Our customers are the driving force behind our growth and improvement. Be they small or large, we cater to the needs of both, as we manufacture both small- and large-sized batches.
  4. We look after the environment
    ROL is registered in the Albo Gestori Ambientali (Environmental Managers Register). It thus offers industrial customers a collection service to pick up post-production film waste and related secondary packaging materials, including pallets and cores. These materials will then be reintroduced into the production cycle.

ROLPANGEA for a sustainable future

Like many other businesses, ROL, too, cares about the planet. After years of research and lab tests, the ROLPANGEA line has finally come to life.

The line includes ROLPLA and ROLCOMPO. These materials are designed for a wide range of uses, from food to pharmaceutical products, as they are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastics. Both these materials can be used for traditional disposable packaging and can be handled as organic waste.

New Pangea line: technology and sustainability for food packaging