New Pangea line: technology and sustainability for food packaging

Alongside a wide range of solutions for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging, made from laminates and coextruded reels for thermoforming, ROL has launched its innovative Pangea line.

A perfect combination of technological developments in the processing of materials and environmental sustainability, the Pangea line was officially presented during the 2018 edition of IPACK –  IMA, the specialised trade fair event for food and non-food processing and packaging. This new line created by ROL includes some innovative solutions developed with eco-friendly plastic materials for food packaging.


ROLCOMPO is a biodegradable biomaterial developed for the thermoforming process. It is a compound of PBAT, PLA and calcium carbonate, and is entirely based on renewable resources. It is the perfect material to make single-use packaging for fresh food or other technical applications.

This material is characterised by high strength, stiffness and breathability (WVTR) and high MFI, and can also be printed without corona treatment. ROLCOMPO can be turned into compost through a composting process or be degraded by naturally occurring microorganisms and bacteria.


PLA (polylactic acid) is a bio-based polymer derived from natural resources. This biodegradable and compostable bioplastic allows for a significant reduction in the carbon footprint compared to oil-based plastics.

ROLPLA is an extruded PLA sheet suitable for thermoforming and ideal for fresh food packaging and all biocompostable packaging applications.


ROL sells on the biocompatible plastic market a single-layer extruded PET film, which can be used for both top and bottom applications, boasts a high oxygen barrier and is 100% recyclable.

ROLWALLPET is ideal for the modified atmosphere packaging of foodstuffs such as cured meat, meat, dairy products and fresh pasta, and guarantees the same shelf life as traditional barrier