ROLCOMPO is a biodegradable biomaterial developed for the thermoforming process. It is a compound of PBAT, PLA and calcium carbonate, and is entirely based on renewable resources. It is the perfect material to make single-use packaging for fresh food or other technical applications.

This material is characterised by high strength, stiffness and breathability (WVTR) and high Melt Flow Index (MFI), and can also be printed without corona treatment. ROLCOMPO can be turned into compost through a composting process or be degraded by naturally occurring microorganisms and bacteria.

ROLCOMPO feels like matte paper to the touch and has a milky hue, which can be coloured by the customer as desired.

Product features

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NameNeutral (opaque) or coloured biocompostable plastic material foil, suitable for direct food contact in accordance with current Italian and European legislation (see declaration of conformity), intended for the production of items by thermoforming.
CompositionBiodegradable and compostable copolymer sheet, made from renewable resources. The raw material has been tested and certified by TÜV Austria according to EN-13432 OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL.
ColourColoured / Neutral
DiameterMax 1200mm
ThicknessMax 1200mμ
WidthMax 1050mm