ROLPANGEA, ROL's environmentally sustainable technology

A perfect combination of technological developments in the processing of materials and environmental sustainability, the Pangea line includes new solutions developed with environmentally friendly plastic materials for food packaging.

ROL believes in a less polluted world and has invested in R&D for 6 years to offer the best green solutions with the technical requirements that industrial production calls for. The new materials, which have emerged in recent years, have no history or literature to rely on and all the new solutions devised will be the great added value that the company will offer its customers. Our farsightedness will enable us to be ready when entire countries, and therefore established markets, impose restrictions and obligations on the use of materials of fossil origin.

The world is increasingly demanding a plastic-free approach and requires us to pollute less with the plastic waste we produce every day. ROL offers materials that have a low impact on our planet and meet the business and production requirements of companies.

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