PLA (polylactic acid) is a bio-based polymer derived from natural resources. This biodegradable and compostable bioplastic allows for a significant reduction in the carbon footprint compared to oil-based plastics.

ROLPLA is an extruded PLA sheet suitable for thermoforming and ideal for fresh food packaging and all biocompostable packaging applications. Customers can choose the transparent version or the colour they desire.

Product features

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NameNeutral or coloured plastic material foil derived from renewable resources, suitable for direct food contact in accordance with current Italian and European legislation (see declaration of conformity), intended for the production of items by thermoforming.
CompositionBiodegradable PLA sheet, made from renewable resources. The raw material has been tested and certified by VINCOTTE Belgium according to EN-13432 “OK COMPOST”.
ColourColoured / Neutral
DiameterMax 1200mm
ThicknessMax 1200mμ
WidthMax 1050mm


ROLPLA is in possession of the OK Compost Industrial certificate of conformity issued by TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH.