Anti-fog PET

Coextruded PET (A-B-A, A-B), A

It uses an additive to avoid the typical condensation that can occur when products are warm or hot or contain aqueous solutions. Anti-fog PET is ideal for cooked vegetables and ready-to-eat deli products.

Product features

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NameTransparent, light bluish PET foil, suitable for direct food contact in accordance with current Italian and European legislation (see declaration of conformity), intended for the production of items by thermoforming.
CompositionCoextruded, three-layer, transparent or light bluish PET foil with anti-fog additive. The film’s middle layer contains a variable mixture of post-consumption material, while the outer layers are made of virgin PET material.
DiameterMax 1200mm
ThicknessMax 1200mμ
WidthMax 1050mm