Metallised PET

This is a type of PET that has undergone a metallising treatment and has a golden or silver surface, which is ideal for the packaging of chocolate and confectionery products.

Product features

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NameAluminium or gold metallised PET foil, suitable for direct food contact in accordance with current Italian and European legislation (see declaration of conformity), intended for the production of items by thermoforming.
CompositionMulti-layer PET foils. The side that does not come into direct contact with food contains an aluminium layer with > 99% purity, which is applied by sublimation and condensation (deposition) in a vacuum. A brownish dye dispersed in PET (masterbatch) is used to colour the golden foil.
ColourGolden / Metallised aluminium
DiameterMax 900mm
ThicknessFrom 200mμ to 1200mμ
WidthMax 1050mm