Transparent or coloured PET that can be obtained by thermal lamination or combined with PE EVOH PE. The oxygen barrier provided by EVOH allows for a longer shelf life of products contained in a modified atmosphere, such as fresh pasta, cured meat and cheese.

Product features

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NamePET foil with gas barrier properties, suitable for direct food contact in accordance with current Italian and European legislation (see declaration of conformity), intended for the production of items by thermoforming.
CompositionMulti-layer thermal lamination PET foil with multi-layer PE/PE PEEL – EVOH film. A brownish dye dispersed in PET (masterbatch) is used to colour the white foil.
ColourTransparent / Coloured
DiameterMax 1200mm
ThicknessMax 1200mμ
WidthMax 1050mm